May 18, 2020

Live Report and GO-STOP fast setup

This application note will show you in 5 steps how to make easy setup of newest reports from SensMax.

First of all, please make sure that you are using Premium subscription on, because only Premium allows to use the immediate data delivery function.

STEP 1: setup the hardware for immediate delivery

The immediate data delivery option provides data delivery from the sensor triggering till web report during 2-3 seconds.

To enable immediade data delivery, please go to Devices, tap on desired data collector in My devices list and select the Immediate Delivery under Mode list:

STEP 2: create user group

The Live Report and GO-STOP reports both are working with user group only.
The user group allows to setup various parameters. You can setup limits and messages which will be shown when corresponding limit reached.
Also, user group allows to combine data from many sensors in single report.

In the Device tab, add a new group. Also enter name of new group and other settings:

STEP 3: adding sensors to user group

Now need to add sensors in created group. The desired sensors from ALL DEVICES group should be copied to user group.
Please note, each direction of the sensor (IN and OUT) should be copied separately.
Just drag and drop desired sensors to created group:

STEP 4: create report

Now everything ready to create the report.
Go to the Create report tab, select the created group (or few groups) from the list of devices. It is important to select whole group, but not few from sensors included.

When group selected, please choose the report you need (Live Report or GO-STOP Report) and press Save and show button:

STEP 5: share report via link

The SensMax system provides the amazing feature to share any report via link.
This link can be used with any smart device which have Internet browser.
For example, you can show the report on Smart TV or Android Tablet or iPad etc.
Any person who have link can watch the report even without registration on web site.

To share report by link, please press the Share report button and enable the Open access by link option: