April 27, 2020

Occupancy report

The Occupancy report allows you to get information about the number of visitors and available space in the room in real time. For example, using this report you can control the number of visitors inside the room when there are restrictions on the number of free places in the room.

Occupancy report shows the number of people in the room and determines the occupancy with respect to a predetermined parameter - the "Total space" constant. The report works with bidirectional sensors SensMax D3 LR/SLR TS and displays the number of people in the counting zone.

Map view:

The Map view shows all locations on map by different colors. The colors are dependent from current Available space value.

Chart view:

The numbers on the chart in the Occupancy report shows the Available space at the specified time.
Available space is calculated by the formula:
Available space = Total space - Visitors inside