April 27, 2020

GO-STOP Report

The GO-STOP report was especially designed to help control of occupancy due the COVID-19 situation.

This report can be used together with any SensMax hardware with TIMESTAMP protocol support (have "TS" in product name).

User can setup different parameters for different premises:

·         Total space – how many visitors allowed inside premises.

·         Almost full preset - notify when the premises almost full.

·         Corresponding messages which will be shown when each of presets was reached.

·         Reset time – the time when report do automatic reset.

The report can be shared by link.
Anyone who have link can see the report (without registration on my.sensmax.eu).
Please try this demo link: https://my.sensmax.eu/r/251211

The report especially intended to control people flow on site.
Just put Smart TV (or other smart device with screen) near the entrance of your shop, input this link in internet browser and show full-screen report.

Example screenshots